Ambulatory Assessment of Skin Conductivity During First Thesis Presentation: Lower Self-Confidence Predicts Prolonged Stress Response

  title={Ambulatory Assessment of Skin Conductivity During First Thesis Presentation: Lower Self-Confidence Predicts Prolonged Stress Response},
  author={Achim Elfering and Simone Grebner},
  journal={Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback},
In this field study self-confidence was tested to predict the course of galvanic electrodermal stress response prior, during and after public speaking. Ten graduate students initially rated their self-confidence and afterwards presented their thesis proposals orally in a 10-min presentation to their supervisor and peers. Galvanic skin response level was measured throughout and analysed for 10 min prior to, during, and 10 min after the presentation. Two major galvanic electrodermal stress… 
Getting Used to Academic Public Speaking: Global Self-Esteem Predicts Habituation in Blood Pressure Response to Repeated Thesis Presentations
Self-esteem was tested to predict quicker cardiovascular adaptation during stressful oral thesis presentation and faster habituation from the first to the second and third thesis presentations and higher global self-esteem did not foster adaptation within the presentations.
Two-year stability of individual differences in (para)sympathetic and HPA-axis responses to public speaking in childhood and adolescence.
The results support the suggestion that stress responses may be reset during adolescence, but only for the HPA axis.
Acute effects of stochastic resonance whole body vibration.
Verum SR-WBV stimulated musculoskeletal activity in young healthy individuals while cardiovascular activation was low and training of musculo-keletal capacity and immediate increase in musculOSkeletal relaxation are potential mediators of pain reduction in preventive trials.
Effects of Hearing Loss on Heart Rate Variability and Skin Conductance Measured During Sentence Recognition in Noise
Listeners with hearing loss show greater autonomic nervous system reactivity to babble noise during speech recognition than do listeners with normal hearing, when recognition performance is equal.
Teacher’s sleep quality: linked to social job characteristics?
In teachers with restrained working time sleep quality, experiences of failure at work, social exclusion, and emotional dissonance were more frequent than in teachers with unrestrained working timeSleep quality (Ps<0.05), which showed mean levels of sleep quality increased during vacation.
Effects of Extreme Ritual Practices on Psychophysiological Well-Being
Investigation of outcomes of participation in one of the world’s most extreme rituals, involving bodily mutilation and prolonged suffering, finds performance of this physically demanding ordeal had no detrimental effects on physiological health and was associated with subjective health improvements, and these improvements were greater for those who engaged in more intense forms of participation.
Real time estimation of task specific self-confidence level based on brain signals
Results show that the proposed metric can classify low and high self-confidence levels satisfactorily and can be used in various applications like confidence measurement in academic settings, online tests, cognitive assessment, rehabilitation, therapy design.
Visible spectrum-based non-contact HRV and dPTT for stress detection
This research provides evidence that the variability in remotely-acquired blood wave signals can be used for stress (high and mild) detection, and as a guide for further development of a real-time remote stress detection system based on remote HRV and dPTT.
Voice Analysis for Stress Detection and Application in Virtual Reality to Improve Public Speaking in Real-time: A Review
A stress detection computational algorithmic model that could be integrated into a Virtual Reality (VR) application to create an intelligent virtual audience for improving public speaking skills and help users gradually control excessive stress and improve public speaking performance.
Physiological and Evaluative Differences between Internet-based and In-Person Interview Techniques
A growing trend in job selection is the use of automated online interviews as a cheap and easy tool for gaining many applicants. The use of the Internet for selection interviews may have


Differential relations between heart rate and skin conductance, and public speaking anxiety.
Electrodermal activity
Electrodermal activity (EDA) was first observed in the 19th century although the term EDA was introduced as a common term for electrical phenomenon of the skin approximately 50 years ago (1). Since
Work characteristics as predictors of physiological recovery on weekends.
The results indicated that a lack of control at work impairs physiological recovery on the weekend, one of the central recuperation periods, and it should be considered crucial to ensure job control at the workplace.
Expanding stress theory: Prolonged activation and perseverative cognition
Ambulatory assessment.
The most pressing and compelling future AA applications: technological developments (the smartphone), improved ecological validity of laboratory results by combined lab-field studies, and investigating gene-environment interactions are discussed.
The Psychophysiology of Sex Differences as Related to Occupational Status
This chapter is based on research carried out in the author’s laboratory during the past decades (see reviews by Frankenhaeuser 1979; Frankenhaeuser 1983; Frankenhaeuser 1986). The central theme of
Analysis of Physical Activities in Wu-Shu Training
Skin conduction appeared not to be affected by factors such as physical activity, energy consumption and skin temperature, and the results may provide information useful for preventing cardiovascular diseases, controlling chronic degenerative diseases and ultimately managing health through activating physiological metabolism.
Stressful Situations at Work and in Private Life among Young Workers: An Event Sampling Approach
Most studies on occupational stress concentrateon chronic conditions, whereas research onstressful situations is rather sparse. Using anevent-sampling approach, 80 young workersreported stressful
Engineering Psychophysiology: Issues and Applications
Contents: Preface. Part I: Issues. W. Boucsein, R.W. Backs, Engineering Psychophysiology as a Discipline: Historical and Theoretical Aspects. A.W.K. Gaillard, A.F. Kramer, Theoretical and
Chronic job stressors and job control: Effects on event‐related coping success and well‐being
The present study investigates how chronic work characteristics relate to situational work characteristics, and their effect on outcomes such as well-being, problem solving, and calming down. It also