Ambiguous Proximity Distribution

  title={Ambiguous Proximity Distribution},
  author={Quanquan Wang and Yongping Li},
Proximity Distribution Kernel is an effective method for bag-of-featues based image representation. In this paper, we investigate the soft assignment of visual words to image features for proximity distribution. Visual word contribution function is proposed to model ambiguous proximity distributions. Three ambiguous proximity distributions is developed by three ambiguous contribution functions. The experiments are conducted on both classification and retrieval of medical image data sets. The… 



Spatial Similarity Measure of Visual Phrases for Image Retrieval

This work proposes an image retrieval framework based on visual phrase that is able to capture accurate spatial information between visual words, and the image-specific visual phrase selection process helps to reduce large number of redundant visual phrases.

Proximity Distribution Kernels for Geometric Context in Category Recognition

A novel "proximity distribution kernel" that naturally combines local geometric as well as photometric information from images that satisfies Mercer's condition and can be readily combined with a support vector machine to perform visual categorization in a way that is insensitive to photometric and geometric variations, while retaining significant discriminative power.

Features for image retrieval: an experimental comparison

An experimental comparison of a large number of different image descriptors for content-based image retrieval is presented and the often used, but very simple, color histogram performs well in the comparison and thus can be recommended as a simple baseline for many applications.

Rebuilding Visual Vocabulary via Spatial-temporal Context Similarity for Video Retrieval

Experimental results demonstrated substantial improvements in retrieval performance over the initial visual vocabulary generated by the BovW model and can be utilized in combination with the state-of-the-art disambiguation method to further improve the performance of the QBE video retrieval.

Random Projection Tree and Multiview Embedding for Large-Scale Image Retrieval

A novel retrieval system that uses random projection trees to index data whose complexity only depends on the low intrinsic dimension of a dataset and applies a probabilistic multiview embedding algorithm to unify different features.

Visual Saliency Weighting and Cross-Domain Manifold Ranking for Sketch-Based Image Retrieval

This work employs Visual Saliency Weighting of edges in the database image of a line-drawing sketch with Cross-Domain Manifold Ranking (CDMR), a manifold-based distance metric learning algorithm to effectively compare the sketch containing stroke noise with database images.

Clustering results of image searches by annotations and visual features