Ambient ozone (O3) and adverse crop response: a unified view of cause and effect.

  title={Ambient ozone (O3) and adverse crop response: a unified view of cause and effect.},
  author={Sagar V. Krupa and Ludger Gr{\"u}nhage and Herr Jost Jaeger and Miloslav Nosal and William J. Manning and Allan H Legge and K Hanewald},
  journal={Environmental pollution},
  volume={87 1},
This paper presents a cohesive view of the dynamics of ambient O(3) exposure and adverse crop response relationships, coupling the properties of photochemical O(3) production, flux of O(3) from the atmosphere into crop canopies and the crop response per se. The results from two independent approaches ((a) statistical and (b) micrometeorological) were analyzed for understanding cause-effect relationships of the foliar injury responses of tobacco cv Bel-W3 to the exposure dynamics of ambient O(3… CONTINUE READING

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