Corpus ID: 139782555

Ambient cure weatherable coatings

  title={Ambient cure weatherable coatings},
  author={보겔 에린비 and 레이 이. 드럼라이트 and 수잔 엠 마첼스키 and 레베카 엘 라데우스키},
(A) at least a first cycloaliphatic amine; (B) at least a second cycloaliphatic amine; And (c) an adduct comprising the reaction product of a cycloaliphatic epoxy resin compound of at least one kind; (I) the addition of water; And (ii) a curable epoxy resin coating composition curable at ambient temperature comprising a thermosetting epoxy resin compound of at least one kind; The weather resistance and the cured coating produced from the curable composition. 

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