Ambient Stressors

  title={Ambient Stressors},
  author={Joan M. Campbell},
  journal={Environment and Behavior},
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The concept of "ambient stressor" is developed to address certain shortcomings in current formulations of environmental stress. Characteristics of ambient stressors are that they are chronic, negatively valued, nonurgent, physically perceptible, and intractable to the efforts of individuals to change them. Distinctions are drawn between the concepts of ambient stressors, acute stressors, and daily hassles. Particular attention is given to differences in psychological appraisals of ambient… 
Mesure de stress psychologique (MSP): Se sentir stresse-e
Considering the existing measures of stress used in current researches, particularly in regard to the contusion between effects and sources of stress, and in light of their weak empirical power, a
The effects of exposure to physical environmental stressors on African American children: A review and research agenda
Although exposure to physical environmental stressors poses risks for all human beings, African Americans, and particularly African American children, are disproportionately exposed to such
Proximate industrial activity and psychological distress
It is shown that specific combinations of work and family statuses make persons particularly vulnerable to the influence of this environmental stressor and women are two and a half times more likely to have these vulnerable statuses.
Clinicians Ought to View Anger Contextually
Constructions of the experiential sources of anger, both in ordinary language accounts and in scientific studies, are characterised by a proximity bias. Anger is commonly represented as being due to
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Subjective evaluations of physical working conditions are common in the field of human factors and ergonomics (HFE). The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of personality factors on
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Deteriorating environmental quality is the source of a variety of grave problems facing urban residents. This article reports slum residents' perceptions and responses to air and water pollution,
Environmental Stressors and Mental Health
Environmental Stressors and Mental Health Bhandari Anuradha* Duggal Amarpreet** Kaur Jaspreet*** 001 About Authors : *Professor, Department of Psychology, Panjab University, Chandigarh. ** Director,
Attitudinal effects associated with an environmental hazard
There has been increasing concern over environmental hazards such as toxic waste disposal, but little research has occurred on those effects related to the stress associated with these hazards.
Relation between Perceived Social Support and psychological Stress among patients with Depressive disorder
The study concluded that, social support has important in reducing stress among patients with depression, in other words patient who has social support are more likely to experience stress.
Sleep Deprivation Among Critical Care Patients
To gain an understanding and increased knowledge regarding the presence and affects of ambient stressors on patients' sleep and the efficacy of implementing sleep promotion measures within the