Alzheimer's disease and ageing: a chromosomal approach.


Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the most common type of dementia in elderly people. Interrelations between AD and senescence have been the subject of many studies. Some researchers have suggested that chromosomal alterations may be involved in the etiology or pathogenesis of AD. We present cytogenetic findings in patients with Alzheimer's disease, normal… (More)


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@article{KormannBortolotto1993AlzheimersDA, title={Alzheimer's disease and ageing: a chromosomal approach.}, author={M H Kormann-Bortolotto and Mar{\'i}lia de Arruda Cardoso Smith and Jo{\~a}o Toniolo Neto}, journal={Gerontology}, year={1993}, volume={39 1}, pages={1-6} }