Alzheimer's disease-associated reduction of polysomal mRNA translation.

  title={Alzheimer's disease-associated reduction of polysomal mRNA translation.},
  author={N S Langstrom and John P. Anderson and Hanne Lindroos and Bengt Winblad and William C Wallace},
  journal={Brain research. Molecular brain research},
  volume={5 4},
Polysomes from the frontal cortices of individuals who had histopathologically confirmed Alzheimer's disease were compared with polysomes from individuals who exhibited no neuropathological conditions. The cytosolic polysome yield from Alzheimer's disease frontal cortex was reduced 40% compared with that obtained from control frontal cortex. The translational activity per unit polysome of the Alzheimer's disease polysomes was only 50% of control in a reticulocyte lysate in vitro translation… CONTINUE READING