Alzheimer's disease: maladaptive synaptoplasticity hypothesis.

  title={Alzheimer's disease: maladaptive synaptoplasticity hypothesis.},
  author={David Neill},
  journal={Neurodegeneration : a journal for neurodegenerative disorders, neuroprotection, and neuroregeneration},
  volume={4 2},
  • David Neill
  • Published 1995 in
    Neurodegeneration : a journal for…
A deposition of amyloid is considered by many to be the principal causative event in Alzheimer's disease, with abnormal neurites, neurofibrillary tangles, cell loss, and dementia all occurring secondarily to this. This present hypothesis differs by proposing a maladaptive synaptoplastic response, in conjunction with an involution of cortico-cortical projection neurons, as the principal causative events. The specificity of the maladaptive synaptoplastic response for a subpopulation of human… CONTINUE READING