Alzheimer's disease: Mismatch between amyloid plaques and neuritic plaques

  title={Alzheimer's disease: Mismatch between amyloid plaques and neuritic plaques},
  author={Heiko Braak and Eva Braak and Thomas Georg Ohm and Juergen Bohl},
  journal={Neuroscience Letters},
Isocortical amyloid deposits and neurofibrillary changes were studied using selective silver staining methods. Amyloid was found in plaque-like formations varying in size and shape. The distribution pattern of these plaques as seen in the silver-stained preparations was identical to that recognized by A4 protein (amyloid) immunostaining. Consecutive sections stained for amyloid and neurofibrillary changes revealed the absence of intraneuronal cytoskeleton abnormalities within the boundaries of… CONTINUE READING

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