Alveolar macrophage dysfunction in human bone marrow transplant recipients.

  title={Alveolar macrophage dysfunction in human bone marrow transplant recipients.},
  author={Drew J. Winston and Mary C. Territo and Winston G. Ho and Martha J. Miller and Robert Peter Gale and David W. Golde},
  journal={The American journal of medicine},
  volume={73 6},
We studied the functional characteristics of alveolar macrophages obtained by segmental pulmonary lavage from allogeneic marrow transplant recipients without evidence of ongoing pulmonary infection. The macrophages were mostly of donor marrow origin as judged by Y body fluorescence and were morphologically normal, except for the intracellular accumulation of various amounts of heterogeneous foreign materials. Macrophage function of patients studied within four months after transplantation was… CONTINUE READING

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