Aluminum-induced chronic myelopathy in rabbits.

  title={Aluminum-induced chronic myelopathy in rabbits.},
  author={Michael J. Strong and A. V. Wolff and Ikuro Wakayama and Ralph M. Garruto},
  volume={12 1},
Young adult New Zealand white rabbits, inoculated intracisternally once monthly with 100 micrograms AlCl3, developed progressive hyperreflexia, hypertonia, gait impairment, weight loss, muscle wasting and abnormal righting reflexes over the course of 8 months. No overt encephalopathic features were present. In spinal motor neuron perikarya, dendrites and axonal processes, argentophilic globular inclusions were extensive. Additionally, neurofibrillary tangle-like argentophilic inclusions were… CONTINUE READING