Aluminium matrix composites: Challenges and opportunities

  title={Aluminium matrix composites: Challenges and opportunities},
  author={M. K. Surappa},
  • M. Surappa
  • Published 1 February 2003
  • Materials Science
  • Sadhana
Aluminium matrix composites (AMCs) refer to the class of light weight high performance aluminium centric material systems. The reinforcement in AMCs could be in the form of continuous/discontinuous fibres, whisker or particulates, in volume fractions ranging from a few percent to 70%. Properties of AMCs can be tailored to the demands of different industrial applications by suitable combinations of matrix, reinforcement and processing route. Presently several grades of AMCs are manufactured by… 

Fabrication and Characterisation of Al-Al2O3 Composite by Mechanical Alloying

Over the years, Aluminium Matrix Composites (AMCs) have gained importance in numerous structural, non-structural and functional applications in different engineering sectors. Driving force for the

Synthesis of Al- Sic Composite Prepared By Mechanical Alloying

Aluminium matrix composites (AMCs) refer to the class of light weighthigh performance aluminium centric material systems. Properties of AMCs can bepersonalized to the demands of special industrial

A Contemporary Review of Aluminium MMC Developed through Stir-Casting Route

This review focuses on the following aspects: (i) different reinforcing materials in AMMCs; (ii) microstructural study of reinforced metal matrix composites (MMCs) through stir casting; (iv) outlook and perspective.

Effects of Reinforcement on Tribological Behaviour of Aluminium Matrix Composites

This segment encompasses the tribological changes usher by the addition of various reinforcements to the aluminium metal matrix composite. Aluminium matrix composites (AMCs) are being successfully

Fabrication and Characterization of Al2O3–TiC-Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites

With a wide range of applications, aluminum matrix composites (AMCs) play an important role in many of the engineering applications and industries, i.e., automobile and aerospace. AMCs are the

Processing and Mechanical Characterisation of Titanium Metal Matrix Composites: A Literature Review

Today, Discontinuously Reinforced Particulate Titanium Matrix Composites (DRPTMCs) have been the most popular and challenging in consideration with development and heat treatment due to their

Aluminium Hybrid Composites Reinforced with SiC and Fly Ash Particles—Recent Developments

The development of aluminium matrix composite (AMC) continues for growing demand of lightweight materials with high strength. Enhancement of the properties of AMCs has been done by changing the types

Selective Laser Melting Of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites

Aluminium metal matrix composites (AMMCs) are important engineering materials with high specific strength and excellent stiffness. AMMCs have found applications in many industries including

Processing Routes, Mechanical, and Tribological Properties of Light Metal Matrix Nanocomposites

The chapter highlights the various processing/synthesizing routes of Light Metal Matrix Nanocomposites (LMMNCs), their microstructural characteristics, mechanical behaviour, and tribological



Particle reinforced aluminium and magnesium matrix composites

AbstractParticle reinforced metal matrix composites are now being produced commerically, and in this paper the current status of these materials is reviewed. The different types of reinforcement

Preparation and properties of cast aluminium-ceramic particle composites

A casting technique for preparing aluminium-alumina, aluminium-illite and aluminium-silicon carbide particle composites has been developed. The method essentially consists of stirring uncoated but

Solidification Processing of Reinforced Metals

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