Alu insertion polymorphisms in NW Africa and the Iberian Peninsula: evidence for a strong genetic boundary through the Gibraltar Straits

  title={Alu insertion polymorphisms in NW Africa and the Iberian Peninsula: evidence for a strong genetic boundary through the Gibraltar Straits},
  author={D. Comas and F. Calafell and N. Benchemsi and A. Helal and G. Lefranc and M. Stoneking and M. Batzer and J. Bertranpetit and A. Sajantila},
  journal={Human Genetics},
  • D. Comas, F. Calafell, +6 authors A. Sajantila
  • Published 2000
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Human Genetics
  • Abstract. An analysis of 11 Alu insertion polymorphisms (ACE, TPA25, PV92, APO, FXIIIB, D1, A25, B65, HS2.43, HS3.23, and HS4.65) has been performed in several NW African (Northern, Western, and Southeastern Moroccans; Saharawi; Algerians; Tunisians) and Iberian (Basques, Catalans, and Andalusians) populations. Genetic distances and principal component analyses show a clear differentiation of NW African and Iberian groups of samples, suggesting a strong genetic barrier matching the geographical… CONTINUE READING
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