Alu insertion loci and platyrrhine primate phylogeny.

  title={Alu insertion loci and platyrrhine primate phylogeny.},
  author={David Alfred Ray and Jinchuan Xing and Dale J. Hedges and Michael A. Hall and Meredith E Laborde and Bridget A Anders and B. R. White and Nadica Stoilova and Justin D Fowlkes and Kate E Landry and Leona G. Chemnick and Oliver A Ryder and Mark A. Batzer},
  journal={Molecular phylogenetics and evolution},
  volume={35 1},
Short INterspersed Elements (SINEs) make very useful phylogenetic markers because the integration of a particular element at a location in the genome is irreversible and of known polarity. These attributes make analysis of SINEs as phylogenetic characters an essentially homoplasy-free affair. Alu elements are primate-specific SINEs that make up a large portion of the human genome and are also widespread in other primates. Using a combination wet-bench and computational approach we recovered 190… CONTINUE READING
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