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Altsözcük Öğeleri ile Türkçe Görüntü Altyazılama Image Captioning in Turkish with Subword Units

  title={Altsözcük Öğeleri ile Türkçe Görüntü Altyazılama Image Captioning in Turkish with Subword Units},
  author={Menekse Kuyu and Aykut Erdem and E. Erdem},
Automatically describing images with natural sentences, also known as image captioning, is a challenging research problem at the intersection of computer vision and natural language processing which has recently become very popular in the literature. With the advances in deep learning, recently proposed image captioning approaches are all based on deep artificial neural networks. However, most of these methods focus on the English language, which greatly restricts their use for Turkish. Turkish… Expand


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