Altruism and Sociological Theory

  title={Altruism and Sociological Theory},
  author={Robert J. Wuthnow},
  journal={Social Service Review},
  pages={344 - 357}
Although related topics have been much discussed, altruism has not been a subject of particular interest in recent sociological theories. It is instructive to consider the reasons for this neglect. Altruism originated in understandings of human nature that held forth possibilities of fundamental transformations of the will. These understandings were still evident in sociological theories that emerged in the nineteenth century. Concurrent philosophical developments, however, undermined the view… 
Is There a Place for Altruism in Sociological Thought?
This paper questions the possibility of considering altruism as a theme for sociology. Although the theme of altruistic behavior was introduced and deepened by the pioneer of sociology, Auguste
Altruism: New perspectives of research on a classical theme in sociology of morality
Since coined by Comte, altruism has become one of the most controversial concepts in social and behavioral sciences, although altruistic behavior and related topics have been successfully studied
Pitirim A. Sorokin’s contribution to the theory and practice of altruism
Absorbed in their routine activities, the social sciences often lose sight of one of their original goals: to reform societies. This is at least what Pitirim A. Sorokin thought: for him, sociology
The Other, Altruism and Empathy. Variety of Prosocial Behavior
Sociology is par excellence the science of the other since relationality is the object of its approach. It is precisely from the relationship that is established with the other that various dynamics
In search of a good society: introduction to altruism theories and their links with civil society
This working paper focuses both on theoretical analysis of altruism and its links with the promotion of active civil society. The main goal is to separate the different forms of altruism and to
The Essential Interconnections among Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity: The Case of Religious Altruism
On May 24, 2013, a Buddhist monk named Bowatte Indarathana set himself on fire in Sri Lanka, reportedly as a protest “against the Muslim halal method of slaughtering animals” and as part of a call
Rethinking the deserving body: altruism, markets, and political action in health care provision
Abstract I seek to understand two dimensions in the evolution and practices of medical institutions in the USA. First, I ask, how and why do medical organizations limit, suspend, or redirect
Selfishness, altruism and utility in everyday two-person random interactions: effects of strong reciprocity, the common good and the costs of competition
Why should we model two-person random interactions in everyday human activity? If we had to how would we model such interactions? This thesis tries to understand how individuals will behave in
Altruism in tourism: Social Exchange Theory vs Altruistic Surplus Phenomenon in host volunteering
Taking into consideration the scarcity of research on volunteering and altruistic behavior of host communities, this exploratory study examines altruism in tourism from the viewpoint of members of
Altruism and ownership : justifying payment for organ donation
Organ donation is traditionally based on the notion of making a gift based on altruism. An important aspect of ?altruistic gifting? is commitment to a solidaristic approach to meeting transplant


Altruism and the Theory of Rational Action: Rescuers of Jews in Nazi Europe
What can an empirical analysis of altruism suggest about the theory of rational action? Is human behavior as related to conscious calculations of individual self-interest as proponents of the theory
Morality Within the Limits of Reason
This provocative, lucidly written reconstruction of utilitarianism focuses on the practical constraints involved in ethical choice: information may be inadequate, and understanding of causes and
Prosocial Motivation: Is it ever Truly Altruistic?
Publisher Summary Prosocial motivation is egoistic when the ultimate goal is to increase one's own welfare; it is altruistic when the ultimate goal is to increase another's welfare. The view that all
The Social System
In the history of sociological theory, Talcott Parsons holds a very special place. His The Structure of Social Action (1937), was a pioneer work that has influenced many social scientists. The
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Sources of the Self: The Making of the Modern Identity
Preface Part I. Identity and the Good: 1. Inescapable frameworks 2. The self in moral space 3. Ethics of inarticulacy 4. Moral sources Part II: Inwardness: 5. Moral topography 6. Plato's self-mastery
Acts of Compassion: Caring for Others and Helping Ourselves
Robert Wuthnow finds that those who are most involved in acts of compassion are no less individualistic than anyone else--and that those who are the most intensely individualistic are no less
12. The extensive literature on altruism in psychology that is now beginning to question and disconfirm some of the conventional assumptions is reviewed in C. Daniel Batson
  • Advances in Experimental Social Psychology
  • 1987