Altitudinal distribution of Fagaceae in West Sumatra

  title={Altitudinal distribution of Fagaceae in West Sumatra},
  author={S. Fujii and S. Nishimura and T. Yoneda},
The altitudinal distribution of Fagaceae in West Sumatra was studied on the basis of herbarium specimens and field tree censuses conducted at Gunung Gadut and Sipisang. Forty-two species were examined (Castanopsis: 8 spp., Quercus: 8 spp., Lithocarpus: 25 spp., and Trigonobalanus verticillata), and it was revealed that altitudinal distribution patterns vary among species and genera. The species richness of Fagaceae in West Sumatra was highest at 400-700 m, decreasing with increasing altitude… Expand

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