Alternatively spliced isoforms of tissue factor pathway inhibitor.

  title={Alternatively spliced isoforms of tissue factor pathway inhibitor.},
  author={Susan A. Maroney and Paul E. R. Ellery and Alan E Mast},
  journal={Thrombosis research},
  volume={125 Suppl 1},
Tissue factor pathway inhibitor (TFPI) is the major regulator of tissue factor (TF)-induced coagulation. It down regulates coagulation by binding to the TF/fVIIa complex in a fXa dependent manner. It is predominantly produced by microvascular endothelial cells, though it is also found in platelets, monocytes, smooth muscle cells, and plasma. Its physiological importance is demonstrated by the embryonic lethality observed in TFPI knockout mice and by the increase in thrombotic burden that occurs… CONTINUE READING