Alternative techniques to solve hard multi-objective optimization problems

  title={Alternative techniques to solve hard multi-objective optimization problems},
  author={Ricardo Landa Becerra and Carlos A. Coello Coello and Alfredo Garc{\'i}a Hern{\'a}ndez-D{\'i}az and Rafael Caballero and Juli{\'a}n Molina Luque},
In this paper, we propose the combination of different optimization techniques in order to solve "hard" two- and three-objective optimization problems at a relatively low computational cost. First, we use the ε-constraint method in order to obtain a few points over (or very near of) the true Pareto front, and then we use an approach based on rough sets to spread these solutions, so that the entire Pareto front can be covered. The constrained single-objective optimizer required by the… CONTINUE READING

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