Alternative splicing of the human c-myb gene.

  title={Alternative splicing of the human c-myb gene.},
  author={Eric H. Westin and Karen M. Gorse and Michael F. Clarke},
  volume={5 8},
Two cDNA clones of the human c-myb gene have been isolated from a CCRF-CEM leukemia cell cDNA library and sequenced in their entirety. These sequences, when compared with those previously reported for the human c-myb gene, reveal an alternative splicing process that generates at least four forms of the c-myb message. Three of these forms co-migrate on Northern blots and are co-expressed in several human hematopoietic cell types. Data on sequence comparisons with mouse and chicken homologues of… CONTINUE READING


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Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology

Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology • 1994

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