Alternative splicing in class V myosins determines association with Rab10.

  title={Alternative splicing in class V myosins determines association with Rab10.},
  author={Joseph T. Roland and Lynne A. Lapierre and James R Goldenring},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={284 2},
Rab proteins influence vesicle trafficking pathways through the assembly of regulatory protein complexes. Previous investigations have documented that Rab11a and Rab8a can interact with the tail region of myosin Vb and regulate distinct trafficking pathways. We have now determined that a related Rab protein, Rab10, can interact with myosin Va, myosin Vb, and myosin Vc. Rab10 localized to a system of tubules and vesicles that have partially overlapping localization with Rab8a. Both Rab8a and… CONTINUE READING


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