Alternative splicing adds a new loop to the circadian clock.

  title={Alternative splicing adds a new loop to the circadian clock.},
  author={Ezequiel Petrillo and Sabrina Elena Sanchez and Alberto R. Kornblihtt and Marcelo J Yanovsky},
  journal={Communicative & integrative biology},
  volume={4 3},
Circadian clocks allow organisms to adjust multiple physiological and developmental processes in anticipation of daily and seasonal changes in the environment. At the molecular level these clocks consist of interlocked feedback loops, involving transcriptional activation and repression, but also post-translational modifications. In a recently published work we provided evidence that PRMT5, a protein arginine methyl transferase, is part of a novel loop within the circadian clock of the plant… CONTINUE READING


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Iron around the clock.

Plant science : an international journal of experimental plant biology • 2014

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