Alternative Woods in Framework Arc for Pedestrian Footbridge

  title={Alternative Woods in Framework Arc for Pedestrian Footbridge},
  author={Douglas Rafael Juvenil Garcia and {\'E}rika Borges Le{\~a}o and Roberto Vasconcelos Pinheiro and Diego Henrique de Almeida and Andr{\'e} Lu{\'i}s Christoforo and Francisco Antonio Rocco Lahr},
Uncontrolled and equivocal uses of well-known structural wood species have influenced shortage of these products on market of structural design. In order to raise awareness of the professionals of building construction about alternative wood species, a proposal is here discussed by employing these essences in footbridges. A case study is considered: a hyperestatic trussed arc with intermediate deck, parameters chosen based on local features of structure implementation. This project aims to… CONTINUE READING

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