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Alternative Providers of Primary Care in the English National Health Service: A study of commissioning, organisation and operation. Final Project Report

  title={Alternative Providers of Primary Care in the English National Health Service: A study of commissioning, organisation and operation. Final Project Report},
  author={Anna Coleman and Imelda McDermott and Kath Checkland and Stephen C. Harrison},
The limits of market-based reforms in the NHS: the case of alternative providers in primary care
The research suggests that, if this is to happen, a debate is needed about the operation of a market in primary care provision, including the trade-offs between transparent processes, fair procurement, performance assurance and cost. Expand
Impact of initiatives to improve access to, and choice of, primary and urgent care in the England: a systematic review.
New services generated a more complex system where new and existing providers delivered overlapping services and the new provision did not induce substitution and was likely to have increased overall demand, suggesting initiatives to improve access and convenience at lower marginal costs than developing new forms of provision. Expand


Case Studies.
A (forthcoming). Study funded by PRP Programme 'Evaluation of Community Foundation Trusts' 2008-2011
  • 2011
Provider diversity in the NHS: impact on quality and innovation
The research has shown that, in respect of inpatient hospital services, diverse providers supply health services of at least as good quality as traditional NHS providers, and that there is ample opportunity to expand their scale and scope as providers of services commissioned by the NHS. Expand
Opening up the primary care market
By the end of March every primary care trust in England should have commissioned a new health centre, and the effect of introducing competition into service provision is examined. Expand
Accessing out-of-hours care following implementation of the GMS contract: an observational study.
The demand for out-of-hours care for patients with cancer did not alter disproportionately after implementation of the contract, and potential quality indicators remained constant, potentially adverse changes to triage time and communication between out- of-hours and in-hours clinicians were observed. Expand
Biomedicine, holism and general medical practice: responses to the 2004 General Practitioner contract.
The way in which four practices with different organisational approaches and espoused identities have all changed their practice structures, consultations and clinical care in response to QOF in ways which will result in patients receiving a more biomedical type of care is described. Expand
Choice and competition in Primary Care: Much Ado About Nothing?
It is argued that more attention needs to be given to increasing patients' awareness of choice in primary care, otherwise there is a risk that the new GP-led health centres will not be fully utilised. Expand
Clinicians, market players or bureaucrats? Changing expectations of the general practitioner role in the English and Welsh NHS, 1991-2005.
The variety of mechanisms applied since 1991 to engage English and Welsh general practitioners (GPs) in local health services planning and implementation are explored. Expand
Local procurements of new GP practices
  • Letter from Director of Primary Care to SHA Directors of Commissioning. London: Department of Health
  • 2008