Alternate day supplementation of corn stalk diets with soybean meal or corn gluten meal fed to ruminants.


Four experiments were conducted to determine the effect of adding corn gluten mean (CGM) or soybean meal (SBM) at 24- or 48-h intervals to diets based on corn stalks. In each experiment corn stalks was the primary diet ingredient fed to wethers or steers. Monensin was also fed to determine whether its effects on ruminal fermentation would improve the efficiency of N utilization under these conditions. Evaluation criteria included ruminal fermentation characteristics, DM intake and utilization, N balance in sheep, and steer feedlot performance. Ruminal ammonia nitrogen (NH3 N) concentrations measured over time were higher (P < .05) when diets contained SBM. Diet did not influence (P > .10) total VFA concentrations in ruminal fluid. Differences in diurnal shifts in ruminal NH3 N and total VFA due to protein source resulted in diet x hour interactions (P < .05). Dry matter intake response to protein source and frequency of supplement feeding was variable. Dry matter digestibility and nitrogen digestibility were not affected (P > .10) by protein source or feeding interval. The 48-h interval feeding of CGM was favorable compared with 24-h interval feeding (P < .05). The opposite response occurred with SBM, resulting in a diet x feeding interval interaction (P < .05). Nitrogen retention was greater (P < .05) when CGM was fed and with alternate day feeding. Diets that contained CGM supported higher (P < .05) ADG and gain/feed than diets that contained SBM when fed to steer calves. Alternate day feeding of supplements that contained monensin was detrimental to steer performance under the conditions of these experiments. Corn gluten meal is an effective substitute for SBM when alternate day protein supplementation is practiced.

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