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Alternance Theorems and Chebyshev Splines Approximation

  title={Alternance Theorems and Chebyshev Splines Approximation},
  author={Jean-Pierre Crouzeix and Nadezda Sukhorukova and Julien Ugon},
  journal={arXiv: Numerical Analysis},
One of the purposes in this paper is to provide a better understanding of the alternance property which occurs in Chebyshev polynomial approximation and piecewise polynomial approximation problems. In the first part of this paper, we propose an original approach to obtain new proofs of the well known necessary and sufficient optimality conditions. There are two main advantages of this approach. First of all, the proofs are much simpler and easier to understand than the existing proofs. Second… 

Characterization Theorem for Best Polynomial Spline Approximation with Free Knots, Variable Degree and Fixed Tails

In this paper, we derive a necessary condition for a best approximation by piecewise polynomial functions of varying degree from one interval to another. Based on these results, we obtain a

Characterization Theorem for Best Polynomial Spline Approximation with Free Knots, Variable Degree and Fixed Tails

A characterization theorem for the polynomial splines with fixed tails is obtained, that is the value of the spline is fixed in one or more knots (external or internal).

Uniform Approximation by the Highest Defect Continuous Polynomial Splines: Necessary and Sufficient Optimality Conditions and Their Generalisations

In this paper necessary and sufficient optimality conditions for uniform approximation of continuous functions by polynomial splines with fixed knots are derived. The obtained results are

Approximation by Spline Functions

Splines play an important role in applied mathematics since they possess high flexibility to approximate efficiently, even nonsmooth functions which are given explicitly or only implicitly, e.g. by

Uniform Approximation by Chebyshev Spline Functions. II: Free Knots

Abstract : Existence, uniqueness and characterization of best uniform approximations of continuous functions by (Tchebycheffian) spline functions with free knots in (a,b) are investigated. (Author)

There exists k < i such that card(J(k, i)) , for all l such that k < l < i, card(J(l, i)) ≥ 1 + n l + · · · + n i−1

    A generalisation of Remez algorithm to the case of polynomial splines

      Ph.D. thesis, St-Petersburg State University
    • 2006

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