Altered ubiquitin/proteasome expression in anastomotic intimal hyperplasia.


OBJECTIVE Anastomotic intimal hyperplasia remains a leading mechanism of prosthetic arterial graft failure. Recent studies using messenger RNA differential display have demonstrated altered proteasome gene expression at the anastomoses in an expanded polytetrafluoroethylene canine carotid model. However, this technique is technically limited because of a… (More)


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@article{Stone2001AlteredUE, title={Altered ubiquitin/proteasome expression in anastomotic intimal hyperplasia.}, author={Daithi Stone and Nayan Sivamurthy and M. {\'A}. Contreras and Lawrence Fitzgerald and Frank W. Logerfo and Wido Quist}, journal={Journal of vascular surgery}, year={2001}, volume={34 6}, pages={1016-22} }