Altered sirtuin expression is associated with node-positive breast cancer

  title={Altered sirtuin expression is associated with node-positive breast cancer},
  author={Nadia Ashraf and Samer Zino and Andrew Macintyre and David Kingsmore and A P Payne and W. David George and Paul G Shiels},
  journal={British Journal of Cancer},
  pages={1056 - 1061}
Sirtuins are genes implicated in cellular and organismal ageing. Consequently, they are speculated to be involved in diseases of ageing including cancer. Various cancers with widely differing prognosis have been shown to have differing and characteristic expression of these genes; however, the relationship between sirtuin expression and cancer progression is unclear. In order to correlate cancer progression and sirtuin expression, we have assessed sirtuin expression as a function of primary… CONTINUE READING
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