Altered pharmacokinetics and liver targetability of methotrexate by conjugation with lactosylated albumins.

  title={Altered pharmacokinetics and liver targetability of methotrexate by conjugation with lactosylated albumins.},
  author={J H Han and S. J. Lim and M K Lee and C. K. Kim},
  journal={Drug delivery},
  volume={8 3},
To enhance the liver targetability, methotrexate (MTX) was conjugated with albumin previously substituted with varying content of lactose (L0, L5, and L24). The uptake of MTX by rat hepatocytes in vitro increased according to the increase in the lactose content on the albumin conjugates. The MTX level in the plasma and various organs was determined by counting the radioactivity of [3H]MTX and by HPLC assay, separately, to monitor the in vivo fate of MTX not only as total, regardless of forms of… 

Photochemical release of methotrexate from folate receptor-targeting PAMAM dendrimer nanoconjugate.

Light-controlled release of methotrexate from a dendrimer-based conjugate is reported and evidence suggesting that MTX still attached to the nanoconjugate system is fully able to inhibit the activity of its enzyme target and the growth of cancer cells is provided.

Synthesis of a novel galactosylated lipid and its application to the hepatocyte-selective targeting of liposomal doxorubicin.

A review of therapeutic challenges and achievements of methotrexate delivery systems for treatment of cancer and rheumatoid arthritis

This review deals with the challenges of conventional systems and achievements of each pharmaceutical class of novel drug delivery vehicle and provides prolonged plasma profile, enhanced and specific activity in vitro and in vivo in animal models.

Novel galactosylated SLN for hepatocyte-selective targeting of floxuridinyl diacetate

Results suggest that G2 and G10 are ideal materials for preparing active liver targeting SLN and, particularly, FUDRA-G10SLN have desirable hepatocyte-selective targeting and sustained-release action in healthy mice.

Viramidine-Loaded Galactosylated Nanoparticles Induce Hepatic Cancer Cell Apoptosis and Inhibit Angiogenesis

Viramidine-encapsulated Gal-SLN has anticancer and anti-angiogenic activities against hepatocarcinoma, and application on breast cancer MCF-7 cells confirmed its specificity against liver cancer HepG2 cells.

Galactosylated solid lipid nanoparticles with cucurbitacin B improves the liver targetability

The incorporation of N-HLBA into SLNs significantly enhanced the Liver targetability of Cuc B-loaded SLNs and GalSLN had a great potential as a drug delivery carrier for improved liver targetability.

Synthesis of lactosylated piperazinyl porphyrins and their hepatocyte-selective targeting

The aim of this work was the synthesis of a new family of lactosylated piperazinly porphyrins in which the galactoside piperazine moieties are linked to the tetra- and monophenyl ring by an amide

Application of Mono‐ and Disaccharides in Drug Targeting and Efficacy

This review focuses on the influence of the structural variations of mono‐ and disaccharides, including changes in sugar type, substituent groups and their positions, as well as length of linker portion, on the targeting of drugs or their efficacy.

Synthesis of Lactosylated Piperazinyl Porphyrins and Their Biological Activity

It was suggested that such novel lactosylated piperazinly porphyrins, as potential hepatocyte-selective targeting drugs, exhibit a promising activity in photodynamic therapy (PDT).



Pharmacokinetics and Organ-Distribution of 3H-Methotrexate and 3H-Methotrexate-Human Serum Albumin Conjugates in Mice

The pharmacokinetics and organ distribution of 3H-methotrexate (MTX) and3H-MTX-human serum albumin (HSA) conjugate in mice is elucidated and the feasibility to develop MTX-HSA conjugates as a useful anticancer delivery system is evaluated.

Pharmacokinetics of methotrexate–albumin conjugates in tumor-bearing rats

The potential therapeutic benefit of the MTX(1)-RSA conjugate lies in its very long tumor exposure time and its improved tumor accumulation rate compared to conventional MTX.

Control of in vivo fate of albumin derivatives utilizing combined chemical modification.

The results suggest that it is possible to control the hepatic uptake of protein drugs by a combination of introduction of charge or sugar moieties and PEG conjugation.

Effect of chronic bile duct obstruction and LPS upon targeting of naproxen to the liver using naproxen-albumin conjugate.

It is concluded that targeting albumin-linked naproxen to non-parenchymal cells in the liver is still feasible under the pathological conditions induced in the present study.

Clinical Pharmacokinetics of Methotrexate

SummaryThe absorption of methotrexate following intramuscular injection and oral administration of small doses (>30mg/m2) is rapid and complete, whereas with oral doses in excess of 80mg/m2

Hepatocyte-targeted in vivo gene expression by intravenous injection of plasmid DNA complexed with synthetic multi-functional gene delivery system

Hepatocytes were targeted by the intravenous injection of DNA complex with the multifunctional gene carrier and the luciferase activity in hepatocytes contributed more than 95% of the total activity in all the tissues examined.