Altered cytokeratin expression in actinic cheilitis.

  title={Altered cytokeratin expression in actinic cheilitis.},
  author={Jean Nunes dos Santos and Suzana C O M de Sousa and Fabio Daumas Nunes and Miriam Nakagami Sotto and Vera Cavalcanti de Ara{\'u}jo},
  journal={Journal of cutaneous pathology},
  volume={30 4},
BACKGROUND Actinic cheilitis (AC) is a widely recognized precancerous lesion of the lip. Varying degrees of epithelial dysplasia may be present. However, no studies have correlated epithelial changes with cytokeratin expression that might reflect the disordered maturation that is probably occurring. METHODS Thirty-four cases diagnosed as AC were classified according to dysplasia degree, and submitted to immunohistochemical staining for the detection of cytokeratins (CKs) 7, 8, 13, 14, 16 and… CONTINUE READING