Altered Expression of Porcine Piwi Genes and piRNA during Development

  title={Altered Expression of Porcine Piwi Genes and piRNA during Development},
  author={Dorota Kowalczykiewicz and Piotr Pawlak and Dorota Lechniak and Jan Wrzesiński},
  booktitle={PloS one},
Three Sus scrofa Piwi genes (Piwil1, Piwil2 and Piwil4) encoding proteins of 861, 985 and 853 aminoacids, respectively, were cloned and sequenced. Alignment of the Piwi proteins showed the high identity between Sus scrofa and Homo sapiens. Relative transcript abundance of porcine Piwil1, Piwil2 and Piwil4 genes in testes, ovaries and oocytes derived from sexually immature and mature animals was examined using Real-Time PCR. Expression of the three Piwi mRNAs was proved to be tissue specific and… CONTINUE READING
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