Alterations of heart rate variability in women with overactive bladder syndrome

  title={Alterations of heart rate variability in women with overactive bladder syndrome},
  author={Inbal Ben-Dror and Amir Weissman and Michal Katz Leurer and Joseph Eldor-Itskovitz and Lior Lowenstein},
  journal={International Urogynecology Journal},
Our objective was to compare autonomic nervous system function between women with an overactive bladder (OAB) and control participants during regulated bladder filling. Twenty-four women, nine with OAB and 15 without (control), were instructed to drink 1.5 l of water at a rate of 250 ml every 5 min during continuous electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring. Participants were asked to indicate first sensations of filling (FSF), first desire to void (FDV), strong desire to void (SDV), and maximal… CONTINUE READING
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