Alterations in pulmonary artery tone during repeated episodes of hypoxia.

  title={Alterations in pulmonary artery tone during repeated episodes of hypoxia.},
  author={Baichun C. Yang and Jawahar Lal Mehta},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={269 3 Pt 1},
To examine the basis of pulmonary constriction during chronic hypoxia, rat pulmonary artery rings were precontracted and exposed to multiple episodes of hypoxia. The first hypoxic episode resulted in a transient contraction, followed by potent relaxation, and then a slow sustained contraction. Repeated hypoxic exposure resulted in stronger initial contraction and attenuated relaxation. Prolongation of the normoxic interval between hypoxic episodes reversed the attenuation of hypoxic relaxation… CONTINUE READING
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