Alterations in nuclear matrix structure after adenovirus infection.

  title={Alterations in nuclear matrix structure after adenovirus infection.},
  author={Zhong He Zhai and Jeffrey A. Nickerson and G. Krochmalnic and Sheldon Penman},
  journal={Journal of virology},
  volume={61 4},
Infection of HeLa cells with adenovirus serotype 2 causes rearrangements in nuclear matrix morphology which can best be seen by gentle cell extraction and embedment-free section electron microscopy. We used these techniques to examine the nuclear matrices and cytoskeletons of cells at 6, 13, 28, and 44 h after infection. As infection progressed, chromatin condensed onto the nucleoli and the nuclear lamina. Virus-related inclusions appeared in the nucleus, where they partitioned with the nuclear… CONTINUE READING