Alterations in lymphocyte phenotype of infected preterm newborns.

  title={Alterations in lymphocyte phenotype of infected preterm newborns.},
  author={Emilia Juretic and Antonio Jureti{\'c} and Branka Uzarevi{\'c} and Mladen Petrove{\vc}ki},
  journal={Biology of the neonate},
  volume={80 3},
The cord blood lymphocytes from 44 premature newborns were analyzed using two-color monoclonal antibodies and flow cytometry. Depending on whether or not there was an infection at birth, the newborns were divided into two groups and the immunophenotypes of infected and uninfected newborns were compared. The percentage of T lymphocytes (CD3+) was significantly lower in the infected prematures. The percentage of both helper and cytotoxic T lymphocytes was lower. The proportion of activated T… CONTINUE READING