Alterations in intestinal permeability after thermal injury.

  title={Alterations in intestinal permeability after thermal injury.},
  author={Thomas Levoyer and William G. Cioffi and L G Pratt and Ronald L. Shippee and William F. McManus and Arthur D. Mason and Basil A. Pruitt},
  journal={Archives of surgery},
  volume={127 1},
  pages={26-9; discussion 29-30}
Alterations in intestinal permeability have been postulated to occur after thermal injury. We evaluated the status of intestinal permeability during the first 2 postburn weeks in 15 subjects by measuring the differential excretion of enterally administered lactulose and mannitol. The mean age and burn size of the patients were 32.7 +/- 3.6 years and 53.3% +/- 5.1% of the total body surface area, respectively. Ten healthy volunteers were also studied. The lactulose-mannitol excretion ratio was 0… CONTINUE READING

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