Alterations in antioxidant system, mitochondrial biogenesis and autophagy in preeclamptic myometrium

  title={Alterations in antioxidant system, mitochondrial biogenesis and autophagy in preeclamptic myometrium},
  author={Polina A. Vishnyakova and Maria A. Volodina and Nadezhda V. Tarasova and Maria V. Marey and Natalya E. Kan and Zulfiya S. Khodzhaeva and Mikhail Yu. Vysokikh and Gennady T. Sukhikh},
  booktitle={BBA clinical},
Preeclampsia is a pregnancy complication which causes significant maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality worldwide. Although intensive research has been performed in the last 40 years, the pathology of preeclampsia is still poorly understood. The present work is a comparative study of the myometrium of women with normal pregnancy, and those with late- and early-onset preeclampsia (n = 10 for each group). We observed significant changes in the levels of antioxidant enzymes, markers of… CONTINUE READING
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