Alteration of thrombine-signaling mechanism by heptachlor in human platelets.

  title={Alteration of thrombine-signaling mechanism by heptachlor in human platelets.},
  author={Mar{\'i}a G Moya de Juri and Gladis Magnarelli de Potas and Ana M Pech{\'e}n de D'Angelo},
  journal={Journal of biochemical and molecular toxicology},
  volume={16 4},
Heptachlor is a persistent organochlorine insecticide that has been detected in human tissues and fluids. The ability of heptachlor to interfere with platelet phosphoinositides metabolism and related signaling events stimulated by thrombin was evaluated. In vitro incubations with a concentration range of 1-100 microM heptachlor, prior to platelets activation, were performed. Experiments showed that 10 microM increased protein Kinase C (PKC) activity and phosphatidylinositolbiphosphate and… CONTINUE READING