Also sprach Landsteiner – Blood Group ‘O’ or Blood Group ‘NULL’

  title={Also sprach Landsteiner – Blood Group ‘O’ or Blood Group ‘NULL’},
  author={Paul Schmidt and Mathias Okroi},
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Background: The designation for the universal donor blood group is the letter O in most countries, but there is preference for the use of NULL or 0, the numeral for zero, in some European countries. The matter was of little importance before the use of electronic communication for which the two are keyed differently. Methods: The assignment of identity was traced in the literature and in committee reports and correspondence from the first use by Landsteiner of the letter C, to an earlier… 
Ludwik Hirszfeld: A pioneer of transfusion and immunology during the world wars and beyond
Ludwik Hirszfeld was the first in Poland to put the theory of serological conflict between mother and foetus into clinical practice, saving the lives of almost 200 children by introducing exchange transfusions.
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This review summarizes key aspects of the discovery of blood groups; the inconsistent terminology that has arisen; and the contribution ofBlood groups to genetics, safe transfusion, transplantation, evolution, and biology.
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The objective of this study examines the relationship between blood type and anxiety level of engineering students. There were 200 students, forbachelor degrees of engineering as sampleselected


Terminology for blood group antigens and genes—historical origins and guidelines in the new millennium
There were problems with ABO terminology during the several decades following Landsteiner’s discovery because of two different terminologies, the CcDdEe terms of Fisher and Race12 and Race and Sanger13 and the Rh/Hr terms used by Wiener and his followers.
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Popularising mathematics is an important task, and, done well, the history of mathematics offers as good a way as any. Some simplification to get the message across is in order, and authors can be
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The Working Party met at Makuhari Messe, Japan on 31 March 1996. A few changes to the current classification, documented in Blood Group Terminology 1995 [ 1 ], were agreed and these are described
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book are deliberately tailored for the beginner including trend analysis, effects of seasonality and the study of cycles in six chapters out of the 12 chapters. The coverage of evaluation and
My association with Ludwik Hirszfeld, Wrocław 1945-1954.
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KI: Ludwik Hirszfeld – physician, scientist, teacher
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