Alphavirus replicon approach to promoterless analysis of IRES elements.

  title={Alphavirus replicon approach to promoterless analysis of IRES elements.},
  author={Kurt I. Kamrud and Max Custer and Jeanne M Dudek and Gary Owens and Kimberly D Alterson and Jae Sik Lee and Jennifer L. Groebner and Jonathan F. Smith},
  volume={360 2},
Here we describe a system for promoterless analysis of putative internal ribosome entry site (IRES) elements using an alphavirus (family Togaviridae) replicon vector. The system uses the alphavirus subgenomic promoter to produce transcripts that, when modified to contain a spacer region upstream of an IRES element, allow analysis of cap-independent translation of genes of interest (GOI). If the IRES element is removed, translation of the subgenomic transcript can be reduced >95% compared to the… CONTINUE READING

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