author={Nicola Decaro},
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  • N. Decaro
  • Published 2011
  • The Springer Index of Viruses
. Tidona, G. Darai (eds.), The Springer Index of V Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2011 Yes Diameter (nm): 120–160 Length (nm): Structural components: Core, capsid, envelope Buoyant density (g/mL): 1.23–1.24 Buoyant density method: CsCl Lipid composition: Envelope lipids are derived from cytoplasma membrane of host cell Additional information: Surface projections made by the spike (S) protein 
Coronaviruses of wild animals in Russia
The influence of the exploitation of wild animals by mankind on the appearance of pandemics has been observed, which in itself provokes the emergence of new viruses in nature. Expand
Inactivation of Coronaviruses in food industry: The use of inorganic and organic disinfectants, ozone, and UV radiation
Currently there is a worldwide pandemic due to Covid-19, which has caused a great impact on humanity in social, economic, psychological aspects and unfortunately on health Due to the risk that foodExpand
Coronavirus Surveillance in a Pediatric Population in Jordan From 2010 to 2013
Despite HCoV detection in children with ARI with highest peaks in respiratory seasons, the actual burden and pathogenic role of HCoVs in ARI merits further evaluation given the high frequency of viral codetection. Expand


Coronaviruses and Arteriviruses
Virus Entry: Neutralization of MHV-A59 by Soluble Recombinant Receptor Glycoproteins B.D. Zelus, et al. Replication I: The Polymerase: The Arterivirus Replicase: The Road from RNA to Protein(s), andExpand
Vector Constructs Insertion Vector name vHCoV-inf-1
  • 2009
Rodák et al
  • 2001
temperature-sensitive vaccine strain DF2
  • 1998
Nested PCR amplification of the spike protein gene discriminating TGEV from PRCoV
  • 1996
Alphacoronavirus-1 CCoV vaccine TN449 Alphacoronavirus-1 CCoV feline
  • 1992
Alphacoronavirus-1 CCoV vaccine
  • 1991
Resists to proteases and acidity; limited efficacy MLV; limited efficacy
  • 1991
vaccine-Diamond Alphacoronavirus-1 TGEV vaccine-Ambico Alphacoronavirus-1 TGEV Nouzilly
  • 1989