AlphaA-crystallin interacting regions in the small heat shock protein, alphaB-crystallin.

  title={AlphaA-crystallin interacting regions in the small heat shock protein, alphaB-crystallin.},
  author={Yellamaraju Sreelakshmi and Puttur Santhoshkumar and Jaya Bhattacharyya and Krishna K. Sharma},
  volume={43 50},
Amino acid sequences of alphaB-crystallin, involved in interaction with alphaA-crystallin, were determined by using peptide scans. Positionally addressable 20-mer overlapping peptides, representing the entire sequence of alphaB-crystallin, were synthesized on a PVDF membrane. The membrane was blocked with albumin and incubated with purified alphaA-crystallin. Probing the membrane with alphaA-crystallin-specific antibodies revealed residues 42-57, 60-71, and 88-123 in alphaB-crystallin to… CONTINUE READING