Alpha-protocadherins are presynaptic and axonal in nicotinic pathways

  title={Alpha-protocadherins are presynaptic and axonal in nicotinic pathways},
  author={Martina Blank and Gallen B. Triana-Baltzer and Corbett S Richards and Darwin K. Berg},
  journal={Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience},
The protocadherin families pcdh-alpha, beta, and gamma have been proposed to mediate synaptic specificity via homophilic interactions. Here we report isolation of two pcdh-alpha family members from chick. We find pcdh-alpha mRNA in multiple regions of chick CNS including cerebellum, tectum, olfactory bulb, and forebrain, and in the autonomic nervous system. Immunoblots identify major components of 120 and 140 kDa both in brain and ciliary ganglion extracts. Immunohistochemistry reveals pcdh… CONTINUE READING
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