Alpha-induced reactions for the astrophysical p-process: The case of 151Eu

  title={Alpha-induced reactions for the astrophysical p-process: The case of 151Eu},
  author={Gy. Gyurky and Zolt{\'a}n Elekes and J{\'a}nos Farkas and Zs. Fulop and G{\'a}bor Gyula Kiss and E. Somorjai and Tam'as Szucs and R. T. Guray and N. Ozkan and C. Yalccin and Thomas Rauscher},
The cross sections of 151Eu(α,γ)155Tb and 151Eu(α,n)154Tb reactions have been measured with the activation method. Some aspects of the measurement are presented here to illustrate the requirements of experimental techniques needed to obtain nuclear data for the astrophysical p-process nucleosynthesis. Preliminary cross section results are also presented and compared with the predictions of statistical model calculations. 
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