Alpha-fetoprotein producing undifferentiated carcinoma of the bladder.

  title={Alpha-fetoprotein producing undifferentiated carcinoma of the bladder.},
  author={Kiyoyasu Yamada and Yuki Fujioka and Yoshirou Ebihara and Ikuo Kiriyama and Hidekazu Suzuki and Manabu Akimoto},
  journal={The Journal of urology},
  volume={152 3},
We report on a rare primary undifferentiated carcinoma of the bladder producing alpha-fetoprotein in a woman. Definitive features included an aggressive, invasive and rapidly growing tumor with a hepatoid carcinomatous lesion on histological examination. Histopathological findings suggested that the multipotent transitional cell induces production of alpha-fetoprotein. The association of an aggressive tumor with the ability to produce this antigen suggests a possible benefit in measuring serum… CONTINUE READING
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