Alpha-adrenoceptors and vascular regulation: molecular, pharmacologic and clinical correlates.

  title={Alpha-adrenoceptors and vascular regulation: molecular, pharmacologic and clinical correlates.},
  author={Michael T. Piascik and Edward E. Soltis and M M Piascik and L B Macmillan},
  journal={Pharmacology & therapeutics},
  volume={72 3},
This manuscript is intended to provide a comprehensive review of the alpha-adrenoceptors (ARs) and their role in vascular regulation. The historical development of the concept of receptors and the division of the alpha-ARs into alpha 1 and alpha 2 subtypes is traced. Emphasis will be placed on current understanding of the specific contribution of discrete alpha 1- and alpha 2-AR subtypes in the regulation of the vasculature, selective agonists and antagonists for these receptors, the second… CONTINUE READING

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