Alpha-II-spectrin after controlled cortical impact in the immature rat brain.

  title={Alpha-II-spectrin after controlled cortical impact in the immature rat brain.},
  author={Jada M. Aikman and Barbara E O'Steen and Xeve S Silver and Richard Torres and Susan Boslaugh and S. Blackband and Kyle Padgett and Kevin K. W. Wang and Ron L Hayes and Joseba Pineda},
  journal={Developmental neuroscience},
  volume={28 4-5},
Proteolytic processing plays an important role in regulating a wide range of important cellular functions, including processing of cytoskeletal proteins. Loss of cytoskeletal proteins such as spectrin is an important characteristic in a variety of acute central nervous system injuries including ischemia, spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury (TBI). The literature contains extensive information on the proteolytic degradation of alpha-II-spectrin after TBI in the adult brain. By contrast… CONTINUE READING


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