Along the musk routes: exchanges between Tibet and the Islamic world

  title={Along the musk routes: exchanges between Tibet and the Islamic world},
  author={Anna Ayşe Akasoy and Ronit Yoeli-Tlalim},
  journal={Asian Medicine},
From as early as the ninth century onwards, Arabic literature praises the quality of a typical and highly desirable product of Tibet, musk. In Arabic and Persian as well as Tibetan and Hebrew texts musk is discussed in a variety of genres such as geographical, zoological, religious and medical literature as well as in travellers' and merchants' accounts. These sources reveal an active trade route, which existed between Tibet and the Islamic world from the eighth century onwards. After… 
The sources of knowledge of two medieval Jewish commentators in nature issues: The case of gathering the musk (Song of Songs 5:1)
Musk, which is produced from the glands of several species of deer, was a well-known perfume throughout the Mediterranean Basin in the Middle Ages. The current article examines the meaning of the
But is it [History of] Medicine? Twenty Years in the History of the Healing Arts of China
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An account of changes to the map of the history of Chinese medicine in the last 20 years is given, Concentrating mainly on English language secondary sources, which charts shifting aspirations for social history of medicine in China, the impact of anthropology and the tensions between local and large-scale histories.
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This essay introduces the inaugural issue of The Medieval Globe, “Pandemic Disease in the Medieval World: Rethinking the Black Death”. It suggests that the history of the pathogen Yersinia pestis, as
The Cultural Biography of Agarwood – Perfumery in Eastern Asia and the Asian Neighbourhood 1
  • D. Jung
  • Art
    Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society
  • 2013
Agarwood (especially 〔 沉 香 〕 Chinese chen xiang / 〔 沈 香 〕 Japanese jinkō), among other subspecies differentiated in East Asian languages, has caught international perfumery attention in conspicuous
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This essay introduces the inaugural issue of “Pandemic Disease in the Medieval World: Rethinking the Black Death”. It suggests that the history of the pathogen Yersinia pestis , as it has now been
Traditional Medicines in a Global Economy: Resource Sustainability and Resilience in the Traditional Tibetan Medical Practice of Ingredient Substitution
I discuss the long-standing practice of ingredient substitution in traditional Tibetan medicine as an adaptive resource management strategy that has enabled resilience in the larger socio-ecological
The "Brilliant Moon Theriac" (Zla zil dar ya kan): A Preliminary Study of Mercury Processing According to the Vase of Amrta of Immortality ('Chi med bdud rtsi bum pa) and its Influence on Tibetan Pharmacological Literature
Mercury Processing According to the Vase of Amṛta of Immortality (’Chi med bdud rtsi bum pa) and Its Influence on Tibetan Pharmacological Literature”, Revue d’Etudes Tibétaines, no. 37, December
Des parfums et des fumées : les parfums à brûler en Islam médiéval
Par la rarete des sources, il est difficile d’identifier les usages des fumigations dans le premier siecle de l’Islam, mais a partir de la periode abbasside, les substances et les usages deviennent
Entre fragrances et pestilences, étudier les odeurs en terre d’Islam au Moyen Âge
« Le croyant qui recite le Coran est comme l’orange dont le gout est agreable et dont le parfum l’est aussi. Le croyant qui ne recite pas le Coran est comme la datte dont le gout est agreable et qui


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Martyrdom in Islam
Preface 1. Martyrs in religion 2. Martyrdom in the genesis of Islam 3. Legal definitions, boundaries and rewards of the martyr 4. Sectarian Islam: Sunni, Shi'ite and Sufi martyrdom 5. Martyrs:
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