Alone and adrift: The association between mass school shootings, school size, and student support

  title={Alone and adrift: The association between mass school shootings, school size, and student support},
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Whiteness and School Shootings: Theorization toward a More Critical School Social Work
In the United States, school shootings have become an increasingly prevalent and publicly salient social problem. School social workers play a central role in developing understanding of their
The Contextual Correlates of School Shootings
Abstract Research on school shootings remains limited, focusing primarily on individual-level risk factors, contagion, and prevention. The community effects literature on homicide and exposure to
Mass Shootings in Rural American Schools
Although student homicides have remained consistently low over the past decades, highly publicized lethal incidents in American schools have garnered concern among the public. Mass shootings in
K-12, college/university, and mass shootings: similarities and differences
The results identify problems that can be addressed to minimize the occurrence of school and mass shootings.
Collective Pain
Mass school shootings are infrequent and involve predominantly White perpetrators and victims; yet, they elicit intense social reactions without acknowledging race. In contrast, shootings in cities
A Secondary Spatial Analysis of Gun Violence near Boston Schools: a Public Health Approach
This study aimed to quantify the concentration of shootings near schools to elucidate the place-based dynamics that may be focal points for violence prevention and implications for students attending schools in racially homogenous neighborhoods across all income levels are discussed.
Violent Video Games as Scapegoat After School Shootings in the United States
  • Allen Copenhaver
  • Sociology, Political Science
    Handbook of Research on Mass Shootings and Multiple Victim Violence
  • 2020
The United States has a well-documented history of violence. School shootings are a contemporary social problem which raise much concern, as children and young adults are killed on school grounds.
Pre-Attack Warning Behaviors of 20 Adolescent School Shooters: A Case Study Analysis
This study examines the pre-attack warning behaviors of adolescent school shooters in the US. We conducted 20 case studies of adolescent school shooters in the United States that committed non-fatal
Understanding School Shootings with Crime Script Analysis
ABSTRACT Mapping the antecedents of school shootings is an important step towards understanding and predicting when the tragedies occur. This study uses Crime Script Analysis (CSA) to map the variety


Characteristics of Schools in Which Fatal Shootings Occur
It was proposed that characteristics of schools that allow feelings of anonymity or alienation among students may help create environmental conditions associated with fatal school shootings.
School Shootings, High School Size, and Neurobiological Considerations
SUMMARY In the last decade 17 multiple-injury student school shootings have occurred in the United States, 13 at high schools and 4 at middle schools. Research suggests that high schools function
Research in School Shootings
Studies of school shootings have been conducted in a variety of disciplines, including sociology, psychology, and media studies. However, to date there is no unified body of knowledge about such
What Can Be Done About School Shootings?
School shootings have generated great public concern and fostered a widespread impression that schools are unsafe for many students; this article counters those misapprehensions by examining
Warning Signs of Problems in Schools
SUMMARY One need not look hard to find evidence of concern related to the nature of student behavior in our schools. School violence, aggression, bullying, and harassment (e.g., racial or sexual) are
A Comparative Analysis of Attempted and Completed School-Based Mass Murder Attacks
Abstract“School shootings” are rarely studied quantitatively due to the fact that they are relatively rare, albeit powerful events. Therefore, prior research on “school shootings” typically relies on
Violence at School: Recent Evidence from Four National Surveys.
Anonymous surveys of youth in school provide the most accurate source of data about violent incidents that occur in schools. Four surveys (the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, the Monitoring the Future
Understanding Mass School Shootings: Links between Personhood and Power in the Competitive School Environment
An overview of how seeds of the neglect of the basic needs of personhood, when sown early in life, and nurtured by peers, might come to fruition in the fertile field of the competitive school environment is presented.
Thirty-Five Rampage School Shooters: Trends, Patterns, and Typology
A typology of school shooters (psychopathic, psychotic, and traumatized), comparing them across categories to highlight differences in suicidality, peer harassment, peer encouragement, family role