Almost flat planar diagrams

  title={Almost flat planar diagrams},
  author={Vladimir A. Kazakov and Matthias Staudacher and Thomas Wynter},
  journal={Communications in Mathematical Physics},
We continue our study of matrix models of dually weighted graphs. Among the attractive features of these models is the possibility to interpolate between ensembles of regular and random two-dimensional lattices, relevant for the study of the crossover from two-dimensional flat space to two-dimensional quantum gravity. We further develop the formalism of largeN character expansions. In particular, a general method for determining the largeN limit of a character is derived. This method, aside… 
The Dilute Potts Model on Random Surfaces
A new solution of the asymmetric two-matrix model in the large-N limit which only involves a saddle point analysis is presented which can be interpreted as Ising in the presence of a magnetic field on random dynamical lattices with the topology of the sphere for closed open surfaces.
Disc partition function of 2d R2 gravity from DWG matrix model
We compute the sum over flat surfaces of disc topology with arbitrary number of conical singularities. To that end, we explore and generalize a specific case of the matrix model of dually weighted
Octagons I: combinatorics and non-planar resummations
Abstract We explain how the ’t Hooft expansion of correlators of half-BPS operators can be resummed in a large-charge limit in $$ \mathcal{N} $$ N = 4 super Yang-Mills theory. The full
On Products of Random Matrices
A family of models, which are named matrix models associated with children’s drawings—the so-called dessin d’enfant, are introduced, which play the role of free parameters or model coupling constants in graphs of a special kind drawn on a closed connected orientable surface.
Constructing Exact Correlators In N=4 SYM Using Integrability
This thesis is devoted to the study of correlation functions in N = 4 superconformal YangMills theory. We focus on a class of four point functions for which we achieve formal results at finite
Complex matrix model duality
The same complex matrix model calculates both tachyon scattering for the c=1 noncritical string at the self-dual radius and certain correlation functions of operators which preserve half the


Elliptic Functions and Applications
1 Theta Functions.- 2 Jacobi's Elliptic Functions.- 3 Elliptic Integrals.- 4 Geometrical Applications.- 5 Physical Applications.- 6 Weierstrass's Elliptic Function.- 7 Applications of the Weierstrass
The planar approximation. II
The planar approximation is reconsidered. It is shown that a saddle point method is ineffective, due to the large number of degrees of freedom. The problem of eliminating angular variables is
Handbook of Elliptic Integrals for Engineers and Physicists